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Hardware Services
A computer'shardware is the set of physical hardware components in the system, such as the motherboard, memory, graphics card, hard disk drives, etc., which are objects that you can actually touch. Paired up with software for applications and an operating system, hardware can create a well functioning computing system.
Whereas software problems arise more frequently, hardware problems may also occur unexpectedly or over time. Also, hardware can become out-of-date with the increasing sophistication of programs and applications and the ever-increasing processing demands involved.
Hardware Repairs
  • Hardware components of a working system can go bad, since dust, moisture, overheating, electrical discharges, and other environmental factors affect a computer system.
  • Damage may result from accidents and sometimes from well-intentioned fixes. 
  • Recently-installed hardware can be defective or incompatible with the other system components.
New Age Computer Services provides the most economical repair that fixes your system effectively. For that reason, every effort is made to diagnose the extent of a hardware-related problem precisely, to determine when a small fix can put things right. Replacement parts that are not stocked at the store can be obtained promptly.
Hardware Upgrades
There are some very effective component upgrades to improve a computer's performance or functioning:

  •  Add to or replace an existing hard disk drive using solid-state storage.
     There is a surprisingly dramatic speed increase if you have your most common programs being processed on a solid-state drive, which has no moving parts, and which is faster, cooler, and much more reliable than the traditional hard disk drives that have been around for decades. This is the No 1 speed enhancement you can make.

  •  Add RAM for an instant burst of speed.
     You can max-out the amount of memory your system is capable of using, as determined by your motherboard and operating system, for peak performance. Until the advent of cost-effective solid-state drives, this had been the most effective performance boost for your computer.

  •  Upgrade to a dedicated graphics card.
     You may see a stunning difference in graphical input, as well as improvements to the computer's processing speed, since a motherboard's on-board video processor uses system memory and resources for rendering graphic images sent to the monitor.

  •  Add wireless Internet connectivity to your computer (or tablet).
     Wi-fi removes extra cables and wires around your computer desk area.

Upgrading a number of components strongly depends upon the configuration of your system's motherboard and its limitations.
Custom Builds
You may choose to migrate some or many of your system's components to a new motherboard and customize as you wish. It can be cost-effective to custom-build your system with existing data drives and expansion cards, and you can add new technology, as desired.

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