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Small Business

New Age Computer Services will provide your business with the digital tools to increase productivity, to expand capacity, and to react with speed and agility to computer issues or network weaknesses.
We are mindful that Muncie businesses require a local partner that puts their needs and emergencies front and center, a partner that will expedite upgrades and repairs. Also, we provide a high degree of security for company data, computer systems and facilities.
Computer and Networking Services & Goods
Computer / Networking Support
New Age Computer Services has a proven repair and support record for Windows, Mac OS, and dual-boot networked systems in business or commercial environments. Remote services are available for off-site systems and networks. 

  •  Service & Support at Your Business
     We will come to your business during normal business hours, or off-hours to accommodate the smooth running of your business operations. We strive to keep your business working efficiently and to minimize downtime.

  •   Remote Support and Assistance
     Numerous computer and networking services can be provided on a remote basis for a reduced cost. 

  •  Computer Pickup and Delivery
     You can call us to pick up a computer system from your business for prompt servicing at our store, and we can deliver it to you upon completion.


We offer computer systems, goods and accessories, as well as services    
 to the greater Muncie community.   
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