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In-Store Services
newage store288New Age Computer Services offers competitively priced services at our Lyndenbrook store location in northwest Muncie off of McGalliard Road.
Our store hours are Monday through Friday: 10 am - 7 pm.  The store number is 765-287-8812.
Computer Services
Computer repair and support services are provided for laptops, desktops and servers running Windows or Mac OS.
Assistance is available on a walk-in basis or can be scheduled in advance. In addition, you can contact us to make arrangements to pick-up a computer system for servicing, and to deliver it upon completion.
Our comprehensive computer services are summarized in Services. In addition, we include links here to some of the most common in-store computer services:
  • Troubleshooting - An initial diagnostic fee will cover at least 45 minutes of troubleshooting time, which is sufficient time for many of the computer systems that come in for repair. This link explains why additional time is frequently required to diagnose the precise issues involved, including online research time to locate solutions for unique problems encountered. 
  • Hardware Repairs - Diagnosing and pinpointing the problems precisely allows a determination of the most cost-efficient repairs available; you will be contacted for your approval prior to ordering any parts or carrying out repairs.
  • Virus Removal - This is a complex process, because of the dynamic nature of threats faced, the high volume of malware in existence, and the different strategies required for containing damage and infection.
  • Reinstallation of the Operating System - This link summarizes the steps to be completed before you are ready to wipe the primary drive clean, and to begin a reinstall of the operating system with a return of your data intact.
  • Data Recovery - Data recovery times and fees will be based on the size of the drive to be recovered and the processing time needed for partial or full recovery (if recoverable, the drive may need to run in the background for days or a week or more).
For complete coverage of our services, see: Computer Services → Hardware, Software, Network, Data Recovery, Apple Mac.
See also: On-Site Services.
We offer computer systems, goods and accessories, as well as services    
 to the greater Muncie community.   
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