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File / Data Recovery
data recovery trioHave you had a computer or hard drive crash that has left you unable to access your data? Have you accidently emptied your recycle bin and lost some important documents? Any storage device built with today's technology is vulnerable to data loss, whether due to mechanical failure, bad hard drive sectors, electrical surges, user errors, or numerous other factors.
Many of these situations can be fixed using our data recovery capabilities.
Stop Using a Computer Drive At-Risk for Data Loss
The first thing you need to do is to stop using a computer on which you are lost data. Continuing to use the same hard drive may reduce or remove any chance of recovering your lost information. Usually, a computer stores data in 'blocks' that are marked as unavailable for storing new information. A damaged drive, however, can randomly write over blocks designated for specific data, and can make it impossible to recover the old data that was previously stored on the drive.
Also, factors affecting a drive's performance - such as overheating - may continue to degrade the drive's physical integrity, with the result that data can continue to be lost.
It is essential to realize that a damaged hard drive may have a limited life remaining for the recovery of some or all of the data it contains. If you detect audible clicks when accessing your hard drive, the drive may be rendered completely inoperable - and irreversibly so - at any time. 
Data Recovery Considerations
Depending on the amount of information to be recovered, and the size of the hard drive, the process of data and/or drive recovery might be rather lengthy, possibly taking days or weeks.
We know how important your information, work documents, family pictures, and music library are to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in determining what your best course of action on data recovery is.



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