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New Age Computer Services is one of the few experienced Apple repair shops located in the greater Muncie area, besides the one affiliated with Ball State University. We offer timely repairs and can also assist you in networking your Apple devices for additional ease of use or productivity. If you want the convenience of a local service center, perhaps you'll allow us to diagnose your problems, and to discuss solutions.
The Apple Community
For decades, Apple has competed head-to-head against Microsoft's corporate-based product lines with goods and services produced for personal users on the basis of their intuitive ease of use. Apple has long established a special appeal to highly creative people, including artists and writers, and to people who live an unconventional lifestyle. Many high-end users have adopted Mac products on the basis of elegant and innovative visual designs, styling and materials, allowing Apple to enjoy a cult-like following.
In recent years, Apple has broadened its appeal considerably to mainstream, and even corporate, users, given the massive popularity and sales of its trendsetting mobile devices and all-in-one computers. It has had notable success in marketing its entertainment services, like iTunes and Apple TV, as well. Apple has gained standing as a viable alternative to Windows, even as intense global competition from Windows-based and Android manufacturers continues.
The Apple community is concerned with the culture of being a Mac user - given Apple's integrated product lines, software, and services - and with Apple's future direction. A proliferation of websites is caught up in online news and discussions about current products and services and how to use them, and with Mac-related rumors and leaks (particularly given Apple's tight-lipped official stance on future releases).
Digital Magazines for Mac Users
We offer links to a variety of digital sources covering Apple news and Mac products. These online magazines can keep you informed about Apple's wide-ranging innovations and trends in this age of digital living.  
macworld logo         
Macworld is the best all-around Mac online publication (with many links to sister publication, PCWorld).
9to5mac logo         
9to5Mac is a substantial, well sourced Mac site: breaking news; Reviews; deals in Tips and 9to5Toys.
cnet logo         
CNET is a terrific source, with Apple Byte "TV", downloads of Mac software and iOS apps, and more.
maclife logo         
MacLife has a big following, billing itself as the "lovably dorky Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad magazine".
macrumors logo         
MacRumors keeps its active following providing up-to-date Apple "news and rumors you care about".
cultofmac logo         
Cult of Mac is a daily news website that follows everything Apple.
makeuseof logo         
MakeUseOf has Mac news, tips, guides, cheat sheets, and "Best of Apps" for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.



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