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Community Training
New Age Computer Services is committed to helping people use technology to better their lives. With full digital access, you can maximize the possibilties open to you - in work, play, productivity, and communications. 
We offer guidance to people who are not yet comfortable with technology, as well to those who want to increase their productivity and security with computers and other digital devices.  
Internet Basics
Notably, there has been a 'digital divide' in the level of computer exposure between older and younger age-groups, and many people find themselves left out of the very tech revolution that is changing our world so massively. We are offering an Internet Basics for Seniors course a number of times in 2014 for a limited number of participants, in which we will give the "uninitiated" a guided tour of the Internet.
Innovation in Networking and Digital Devices
On the other end of the spectrum, there are many users who are anxious to utilize new technologies to the fullest, especially by networking computers, devices, and even appliances - for productivity considerations and for interesting and innovative experiences. For those of you who wish for the best in affordable technology, we will be having digital networking clinics to demonstrate how to make technology more effective and exciting.
Security Basics
Even as the Internet dazzles, there must be limits on what we share about ourselves to the rest of the world, and we all have to stay aware of Internet security issues. With our growing dependence on computers and digital devices for leisure activities and business productivity, there are strategies to reduce your security vulnerabilities and to maximize computer performance. We look forward to being able to provide a regular workshop on Internet security for people of all ages.

O N L I N E   M A G A Z I N E S

Digital Magazines for PC Users
We offer a list of digital sources to help those who aspire to be savvy about this new age of technology, including links to some great computing and gadget online magazines.
pcworld logo         
PCWorld brings news, reviews, how-tos, with links to quality sister webzines, TechHive and MacWorld.
pcmag logo         
PC Magazine has long had buying guides and reviews on digital products; see its daily Featured Deal.
cnet logo         
CNET is a heavy-hitter that has it all: very complete Download and Reviews sections; lots of video.
wired logo         
Wired is the forerunner of online digital lifestyle magazines and is still at the top; check out Gadget Lab.
mashable logo         
Mashable covers the digital life; see Mashable:Tech for its focus on devices, apps, and accessories.
makeuseof logo         
MakeUseOf has news, tips, guides, cheat sheets, and "Best of Apps" for the PCMacAndroidiPhone.
Digital Magazines for Mac Users
We offer links to a variety of digital sources covering Apple news and Mac products. These online magazines can keep you informed about Apple's wide-ranging innovations and trends in this age of digital living.  
macworld logo         
Macworld is the best all-around Mac online publication (with many links to sister publication, PCWorld).
9to5mac logo         
9to5Mac is a substantial, well sourced Mac site: breaking news; Reviews; deals in Tips and 9to5Toys.
cnet logo         
CNET is a terrific source, with Apple Byte "TV", downloads of Mac software and iOS apps, and more.
maclife logo         
MacLife has a big following, billing itself as the "lovably dorky Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad magazine".
macrumors logo         
MacRumors keeps its active following providing up-to-date Apple "news and rumors you care about".
cultofmac logo         
Cult of Mac is a daily news website that follows everything Apple.
Digital Magazines for Business Users
We provide links below to major online news sources covering digital solutions for professional and business environments.
computerworld logo         
Computerworld updates numerous Topic Centers; see Operating Systems, Networking, much more.
allthingsd logo         
AllThingsDigital - see frontpage (interactive View by Writer), News (links to Trending Tags); Reviews.
zdnet logo         
ZDNet covers technology news and analysis for IT professionals: register to access White Papers' pdfs.
business insider logo         
Business Insider's robust Tech section covers technology, entrepreneurship, design, culture, and more.
businessweek logo         
Businessweek has a megamenu Technology tab with sections for Google, Facebook, Mobile, etc.
thenextweb logo         
The Next Web has many unique articles covering international technology, news, business and culture.

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